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In today’s fast-paced world, as consumers are bombarded with hundreds of selling messages daily, many have come to rely on brands that they know and trust to meet their needs and simplify their choices. The Armor All® brand identity with its well-established reputation for quality products is the major asset that sets the Armor All® brand apart from the competition in the minds of consumers everywhere.

Brand Awareness Source

brand loyaltyUnsurpassed Brand Power

The Armor All® brand shows the strongest consumer awareness and loyalty among customers. Align yourself with the #1 choice in car appearance products.

World Class Support

We are here to support all of your chemical and marketing needs in a combined effort to provide you with products that perform to your highest expectations along with a comprehensive marketing program.

  • Technical Support Hotline
  • Custom marketing programs
  • Industry leading sales and service representatives

Quality and Innovation

Armor All Professional™ products are some of the highest-quality products for use in all types of car washes – tunnel, in-bay automatic or self service. Our constant innovation has created a full line of products.

  • Product guarantee
  • ISO 9001:2000 compliant
  • Innovative extra service products

Benefits to Your Business

Attract and Retain Customers

  • Attract and Retain: the simple, yet effective, “one-two punch” to increased sales.
  • The Armor All® brand attracts new customers to your location.
  • The product performance and results will satisfy and retain customers.

Increase Car Wash Volume

  • Use of Armor All® branded products increases consumer appeal. Surveys* show that 36% of consumers would be more likely to drive to a car wash that features the Armor All® brand, and 46% of consumers would be more likely or just as likely to drive two miles further to a car wash that uses Armor All Professional™ products.

Increase Revenue Per Vehicle

  • Surveys* show that consumers are more inclined to trade up to more deluxe packages and pay higher prices for car wash packages that feature Armor All Professional™ products than any other competitive brand.

*Automotive Appearance Chemicals, CY01